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InfinityQuest Live Streaming Video:
Set-up, Production & Web Integration/360 Video Cinematic VR

Diana Fairbank - Director

WhoWe Are

Diana Fairbank - Director: My background is in both video and web development. My first job out of college was at a video production company in the mid-eighties, and I've been working on the web since its dawning, then started my web development business 17 years ago. I now find myself at the fascinating nexus of my two professional technologies. I am ideally suited to, and am passionate about, marrying the two for the benefit of small businesses and entrepreneurs, as the means to accomplish this continues to evolve. While building my first system, I realized that I had been present at the first live streamed rock concert on the web, which was achieved in June 1994 at Paul Allen's old company, Starwave, featuring Seattle band, Sky Cries Mary. I witnessed the birth of this technology!

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WhatWe Do

Diana Fairbank - Director. Infinityquest Live Streaming Video — Setup, Production & Web Integration for Performance Venues, Learning Centers, Resorts, and Small Businesses. Affordable custom solutions for your unique needs. Also, available – Individual Special Events at the venue of your choice. I have teamed with Rabbit Feathers Media for the expertise & broadcast camera selection of Kevin Wiley. I also have access to FAA Registered UAV's Unmanned Aerial Vehicles aka, drones! NEW: 360 Video/Cinematic VR now available. 360 Live Streaming!

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Systems built around the way that you work, and work the way that you want them to.


The latest and greatest tools working together to implement your vision .


At last. An easy way to monetize your content.


Reach your target audience, publicly or privately.


Video is your most powerful tool; adding the live element brands you a trail-blazer.


I respond with alacrity - and answers.

Watch Our Video Demonstration

The Winsome Grace - Owners Duane and Jeannie Bartel demonstrate the 6 HD Camera System we have built over the last year, including clips from weddings and other events they have live-streamed.

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